Incident Response - an essential tool to increase your organization's security posture.

Your organization depends on information technology to function, therefore equal importance should be placed on securing it. The first step to over-haul your organization’s security posture is to appoint an internal security liaison. If your organization is large enough to afford its own security team then a whole Incident Response Team should be created. The purpose of the Incident Response Team (IRT), whether just one person or multiple, includes:

  • Coordinate response to incidents as they arise, utilizing shared resources via an incident response platform and communication channels.
  • Provide an easy and intuitive way for all your employees to report potential security incidents, without judgement and in a timely manner.
  • Provides points of contact and opens communication between different departments, and across layers of management within your organization – the IRT is composed of stakeholders from across the breadth of your organization because IT security is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Provide leadership and direction for organization wide IT security training and awareness