The BanSec Dashboard

BanSec Dashboard is a web application security scanner that scans your system once a day. It takes approximately 6 days to establish a good security baseline, after this your site will be continuously scanned for changes.

BanSec Dashboard aims to reliably provide three items:

  • Calculate a risk factor for your system, indicating the risk of intrusion.
  • Communicate changes as it detects them.
  • Clearly outline your current security stance by describing it in easy-to-understand terms.

The BanSec Dashboard provides insight into your application’s security, be it your personal website, companies domain or a custom application.


  • Similar Domain Scanning – find newly registered similar domain to stop planned phishing attacks before they start.
  • WordPress Vulnerability Scan – will analyse your plugins, theme and WordPress install for vulnerable versions.
  • DNS Monitoring – monitor your site for changes in DNS.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – find the weak-points in your infrastructure.
  • Web Application Analysis – find insecure settings and test for OWASP